BUCKING BULL SALE - Monday, Sept. 2, 2019 - Freedom, OK

July 18, 2019


Mark your Calendar

MONDAY September 2, 2019

For a 5- or 6-year period nobody in the country sent more bulls to the NFR than Harlen Robertson.  Setting records with 10 and 11 bulls and several times bull of the year.

I started a program with Harlen last year to develop bulls.  Bought calves from Terry Williams, Robbie Herrington and Toby Floyd……. some of the greatest guys in the world with eyes for bucking bulls. 

The results are outstanding.  Harlen has put together the best set of three-year-old bucking bulls I’ve ever seen.  There’s several 4-year old’s as well.

As everybody knows, Frontier Rodeo Company doesn’t have time to go up and down the road to the Futurities, Derby’s and/or Classics……So we’ve decided to have a sale.

There are bulls in this sale that could go to the NFR this year as three-year old’s.  Bulls that bull people have marked 22 to 24 points as they have bucked.

Bottom line, on Monday, September 2 at 2:00 p.m. CST we will sell approximately 50 head.  No prospects, no take a chance on.  50 head of bulls that buck and you can go win with.

We’ll start putting videos up in a couple of weeks on the Frontier Rodeo website, so you can look at them.

So, mark your calendar.  This is the sale, if you really want bulls that can go win money!  You might ask, why doesn’t Frontier keep these bulls.  Fact is, Heath made a deal with Don Kish two years ago and we’ve bought his 2-year old’s for three years running.  We want bulls you can go rodeo with and Cody, Wyoming proved that, with the top5 scores of 92.5, 92, 91, 91 and 90.5.

This has been Harlen’s project from the start and I partnered with Harlen.  Now, fact is, this isn’t a dispersal sale.  If bulls don’t sell, we’ll take them all at Frontier Rodeo.  But we wanted to offer the world a great set of young bulls, that if guys are interested in the futurity and/or classic business can go win money.

Again, Monday, September 2nd!  Sale will be at the Frontier Rodeo recently completed Stables at 216872 State Hwy 50 A in Freedom, Oklahoma.  Should be good for Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas as it’s centrally located for the whole USA…...and wait until you start seeing the videos.  There are rank bulls and there are 22 to 23-point bulls that guys will drive 2000 miles to get on. 

If you want to, pick-up the phone and call Harlen.  He has lived with them and can tell you the scoop. 903.725.1111 or 903.841.1190.

What a heck of a set of bucking bulls!

Jerry Nelson
Owner, Frontier Rodeo Company, LLC

To view PDF Catalog of the Sale, click here.

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