Wrights dominate saddle bronc riding at Cody Stampede

July 5, 2016

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Wrights dominate saddle bronc riding at Cody Stampede


CODY, Wyo., July 4, 2016 --- The 97th annual Cody Stampede came to a close on July 4th with a new slate of saddle bronc riders at the top of the leaderboard.


The top four positions changed with the winners having a combined 22 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (NFR) qualifications and three world titles. All of them are related and come from the same hometown. It’s no surprise that they all share the same last name -- Wright.


Winning the rodeo with an 88-point ride was four-time NFR qualifier Jake Wright, who is currently 5th in the world standings. He rode Frontier Rodeo’s horse Short Stop to add $8,686 to his season earnings. Just a half-point behind him was older brother Cody who has two world titles and 12 NFR qualifications to his credit. Cody is 24th in the world standings and is hoping to move up and make the trip to Las Vegas to compete next December. The $6,659 he got here will certainly help.


Finishing in a tie for third was Jesse, Jake’s twin brother and Rusty, Cody’s oldest son. They each had 86 point rides to win $4,053. Jesse has competed at the NFR five times and left with a world title in 2012. He is currently 31st in the world standings.


Rusty qualified for his first NFR last year and finished the season in 3rd place. He is well on his way to his second qualification setting in third place prior to the Cody Stampede. When it was all said and done, the Wrights are going to deposit $23,451 in their Milford, Utah, bank accounts.


In the bareback riding, it was a world champion horse that took center stage on the Fourth. Full Baggage, owned by Frontier Rodeo was the bareback horse of the year in 2011 and 2013 and was the reserve champion last year.


When Joel Schlegel from Burns, Colo., found out that was the horse he would ride here, he didn’t know whether to be scared, excited or just nervous. He was a little of all three, but said he knew if he did his job and stayed on, he had an opportunity to be a bunch of points.


That is exactly what happened for the Mountain States Circuit contender. Schlegel was 87 points at the Stampede Arena on Monday to win $10,540. This was the biggest win of his career.


The 98th Anniversary of the Cody Stampede will be held over the 2017 Fourth-of-July holiday. More information will be available at

2016 Cody Stampede Champions

Bareback Riding – Joel Schlegel, Burns, Colo., $10,540

Steer Wrestling – Clayton Hass, Terrell, Texas, $9,091

Team Roping – Luke Brown, Stephenville, Texas (header)

Jake Long, Coffeyville, Kan., (heeler) $9,426 each

Saddle Bronc Riding – Jake Wright, Milford, Utah, $8,686

Tie-Down Roping – Clint Nyegaard, Cuero, Texas, $9,912

Barrel Racing – Taylor Jacob, Carmine, Texas, $10,583

Bull Riding – Cody Rostockyj, Lorena, Texas, $8,705



CODY, Wyo., July 4, 2016 --- Following are results from the 97th annual Buffalo Bill Cody Stampede


Fourth Performance –


Bareback Riding: 1, Joel Schlegel, Burns, Colo., on 87 points Frontier Rodeo’s Full Baggage. 2, Caleb Bennett, Tremonton, Utah, 85. 3, (tie) J.R. Vezain, Cowley, Wyo., and R.C. Landingham, Hat Creek, Calif., 84.5 each.


Steer Wrestling: (three times) 1, Dan Mulkey, Dell, Mont., 4.2 seconds. 2, Luke Gee, Stanford, Mont., 5.3. 3, Justin Blain Davis, Argyle, Texas, 27.8.


Team Roping: (two times) 1, Steele De Paoli, Longview, Alberta, and Kasper Roy Mossleigh, Alberta, 5.0 seconds. 2, Monty Wood, Quanah, Texas, and Brandon Gonzales, Lipan, Texas, 10.2.


Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Jake Wright, Milford, Utah, 88 points on Frontier Rodeo’s Short Stop. 2, Cody Wright, Milford, Utah, 87.5. 3, (tie) Jesse Wright, Milford, Utah, and Rusty Wright, Milford, Utah, 86 each.


Tie-Down Roping: 1, Michael Otero, Lowdensboro, Ala., 9.9 seconds. 2, Eric Brown, Beverly Hills, Calif., 15.8. 3, Roger Nonella, Redmond, Ore., 19.5. 4, Logan Hofer, Magrath, Alberta, 20.9.


Barrel Racing: 1, Michele McLeod, Whitesboro, Texas, 17.27. 2, Mary Walker, Ennis, Texas, 17.41. 3, Trula Churchill, Valentine, Neb., 17.53. 4, Katelyn McLeod, Whitesboro, Texas, 17.61.


Bull Riding: (two rides) 1, Jordan Hansen, Okotoks, Alberta, 81.5 points on Frontier Rodeo’s Sunshine. 2, Cole Melancon, Liberty, Texas, 77.


The following are current leaders in the timed events after slack and the first performance –


Bareback Riding: 1, Joel Schlegel, Burns, Colo., 87 points on Frontier Rodeo’s Full Baggage, $10,540. 2, (tie) Jessy Davis, Power, Mont., and Caleb Bennett, Tremonton, Utah, 85 and $7,026 each. 4, (tie) R.C. Landingham, Hat Creek, Calif., and J.R. Vezain, Cowley, Wyo., 84.5, $3,162. 6, Jake Vold, Ponoka, Alberta, 83, $1,757. 7, Tanner Aus, Granite Falls, Minn., 83, $1,405. 8, Evan Jayne, Marseille, France, 82, $1,054.


Steer Wrestling: 1, Clayton Hass, Terrell, Texas, 3.4 seconds, $9,091. 2, (tie) Clayton Moore, Pouce Coupe, British Columbia, and Baylor Roche, Tremonton, Utah, 4.0 and $7,655 each. 4, Shayde Tree Etherton, Borden, Ind., 4.1, $6,220. 5, (tie) Riley Krassin, Lander, Wyo., and Dan Mulkey, Dell, Mont., 4.2, 0$4,785. 7, Jason Thomas, Benton, Ark., 4.3, $3,349. 8, (tie) Kody Woodward, Dupree, S.D.; Ty Erickson, Helena, Mont.; Coltin Hill, Blackfoot, Idaho; and Tooter Silver, Quitman, Ark.; 4.4, $1,077 each.


Team Roping: 1, Luke Brown, Stephenville, Texas, and Jake Long, Coffeyville, Kan., 4.2 seconds, $9,426. 2, Jr. Dees, and Matt Zancanella, Aurora, S.D., 4.4, $8,433. 3, (tie) Paul David Tierney, Oral, S.D., and Cesar de la Cruz, Tucson, Ariz.; Riley Minor and Brady Minor, Ellensburg, Wash.; Payden Emmett, Ponca, Ark., and Justin Pruitt, Victoria, Texas; and Max Kuttler, American Falls, Idaho and Ike Folsum, Dillon, Mont.; 4.5 and $5,953 each. 7, Kolton Schmidt, Barrhead, Alberta, and Shay Carroll, Prineville, Ore., 4.8, $3,473. 8, Marcus Paul Theriot, Poplarville, Miss., and Lane Mitchell, Bolivar, Tenn., 4.9, $2,480. 9, (tie) Steele De Paoli, Longview, Alberta, and Kasper Roy, Mossleigh, Alberta; Paul Beckett, Laramie, Wyo., and Chad Wahlert, Kersey, Colo.; Lane Ivy, Adrian, Texas, and B.J. Dugger, Three Rivers, Texas; Seth Hall, Albuquerque, N.M., and Byron Wilkerson, Duncan, Ariz.; 5.0 and $496 each.


Saddle Bronc Riding: 1, Jake Wright, Milford, Utah, 88 points on Frontier Rodeo’s Short Stop, $8,585. 2, Cody Wright, Milford, Utah, 87.5, $6,659. 3, (tie)Jesse Wright, Milford, Utah and Rusty Wright, 86, $4,053 each. 5, Cody DeMoss, Heflin, La., 84.5, $2,027. 6, Joey Sonnier III, New Iberia, La., 83.5, $1,448. 7, (tie) Ryan Mackenzie, Homedale, Idaho; Layton Green, meeting Creek, Alberta, and Samuel Kelts, Millarville, alberta, 83, $675.


Tie-Down Roping: 1, Clint Nyegaard, Cuero, Texas, 8.0 seconds, $9,912. 2, Cimarron Boardman, Stephenville, Texas, 8.1, $8,869. 3, Matt Shiozawa, Chubbock, Idaho, 8.2, $7,825. 4, Justin Brinkerhoff, Corrine, Texas, 8.3, $6,782. 5, Shane Hanchey, Sulphur, La., 8.4, $5,739. 6, Marcos Costa, Childress, Texas, 8.5, $4,695. 7, Sterling Smith, Stephenville, Texas, 8.6, $3,652. 8, (tie) Taylor Santos, Creston, Calif., and Timber Moore, Aubrey, Texas, 8.7, $2,087. 10, (tie) Jerrad Hofstetter, Shallow Water, Texas; Randall Carlisle, Athens, La.; and kyle Dickens, Loveland, Colo.; 8.8, $174.


Barrel Racing: 1, Taylor Jacob, Carmine, Texas, 16.92, $10,583. 2, Sarah Rose McDonald, New Brunswick, Ga., 17.04, $8,466. 3, Carley Richardson, Pampa, Texas, 17.05, $6,879. 4, Kathy Korrell p Rach, Loveland, Colo., 17.12, $5,291. 5, Rainy Pratt, Ellensburg, Wash., 17.21, $4,233. 6, (tie) Michele Mcleod, Whitesboro, Texas and Vickie Carter, Richfield, Utah, 17.27, and $2,910. 8, (tie) Kimmie Wall, Roosevelt, Utah and Tiany Schuster, Krum, Texas, 17.36, $2,249. 10, Jackie Ganter, Abilene, Texas, 17.37, $1,842. 11, (tie) Jill Welsh, Parker, Ariz., and Tillar Murray, Fort Worth, Texas, 17.39, $1,455. 13, Kellie Collier, Hereford, Texas, 17.40, $1,058. 14, (tie) Mary Walker, Ennis, Texas; Sherry Cervi, Marana, Ariz.; and Kim Schulze, Larkspur, Colo., 17.41, $441.


Bull Riding: 1, Cody Rostockyj, Lorena, Texas, 86.5 points on Summit Pro Rodeo’s Dark Denim, $8,705. 2, Bryce Barrios, Bluff Dale, Texas, 86,$6,674. 3, Bart Miller, Pleasanton, Neb., 85, $4,933. 4, Shane Proctor, Grand Coulee, Wash., 84.5, $3,192. 5, Cody Teel, Kountze, Texas, 83.5, $2,031. 6, Jacob O’Mara, Baron Rouge, La., 82.5, $1,451. 7, Jordan Hansen, Okotoks, Alberta, 81.5, $1,161. 8, Jeff Bertus, Avon, S.D., 80, $871.



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