‘He’s the one,’ Palin campaigns for Trump at Arcadia Rodeo

March 14, 2016

ARCADIA, Fla.- While thousands gathered for the 88th annual All Florida Championship Rodeo in Arcadia Sunday, many got a surprise visit from a former Republican hopeful.

“At first I thought it was a joke,” said Donald Smith. “Because we had just come to the rodeo for the first time. When he said it, I was kind of excited.”

Sarah Palin visited the rodeo, hitting the campaign trail for the first time since she ran for vice president alongside John McCain in 2008.

Now, she’s vying for support for Republican front runner Donald Trump.

“It’s refreshing to get to talk to his supporters,” said Palin. “As well as those who maybe aren’t quite knowing what he’s all about and what his intentions are for our country, to get to explain to them more about his good message and his intentions for America.”

She welcomed fans, shook hands and was open to answering plenty of questions on her support for the “outsider.”

Asked what inspired her decision to publicly endorse Trump, Palin said, “it was really easy, once you start to realizing that the other candidates truly have been part of the problem… So to have an outsider who’s gonna undo a lot of that stuff that they’ve done to us, it’s easy to say ‘Yeah, Trump is the one, he’s the only one who is that outsider.'”

The former Alaska governor also seemingly denounced any plans to seek a spot as Trump’s running mate, telling the press “well, tried that once before.”

Palin was met with plenty of her former supporters, who all say they were excited to get to meet the advocate.

“I was a fan of hers when she was running for vice president with McCain,” said Connie Murphy. “She’s a gutsy lady and I also think she ought to be Trump’s running mate, because with a gutsy lady and a gutsy president we could change this country.”

Palin was the first of many Republicans to back Trump’s campaign. New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has also endorsed Trump since he dropped out of the 2016 race, along with Dr. Ben Carson, who announced his support last week.

While Palin received overwhelming support at the Rodeo, we asked some Trump fans what they think her endorsement does for the Trump ticket.

“I think it can do one of two things, it can really help it, or it can really hurt it.” said Donald Smith. “She has attracted a lot of the gun right supporters, a lot of the middle class and she also attracts the women who are looking to see women progress in politics.”

After a short meet and greet with fans, Palin awarded the winners of the Mutton Busting competition.

Palin also made an appearance at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City shortly afterwards, while Trump was also in the Sunshine State, campaigning in Boca Raton.

Trump will continue rallying in Florida heading to Tampa on Monday.

The Florida primary election is Tuesday, March 15.

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